Steak & Wine Night

Experience Morelands Grill’s signature Côte de Boeuf

Delight in a delicious steak and wine night, where your table of two can share a sumptuous 32oz Côte de Boeuf,
cooked to your liking on our Spanish Josper Grill.

With temperatures reaching up to 500 degrees celcius, the Josper Grill is both an oven and a grill,
imparting a mouth-watering charcoal flavour,
while the intense heat creates a perfect seal which locks in the natural juices and flavours of the meat.

Choose your perfect accompaniments with two sides and two sauces included for the table.
Complete your meal with a bottle of Sommelier chosen red or white wine.

Experience this indulgent evening in Morelands Grill for €120 for a table of 2.


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