Best Steak In Dublin – taste our Prime Irish Beef from the Josper Grill

In the heart of Dublin City.

Morelands Grill is only a stone’s throw from Trinity College Dublin, adjacent to Temple Bar and a whole host of hotspots including some of Dublin’s best bars, restaurants and clubs. In that sea of dining options, the question for us was: how do we make sure that we stand out from the crowd? The answer, as it turns out, was simple – invest in a Josper Grill.

Our Dublin 2 eatery decided that the best way to instil a moreish taste in the menu was to install this state-of-the-art grill in our kitchen. It was first created in 1970 by restaurateurs and chefs Josep Armangue and Pere Juli as a combination grill and oven for their own restaurant in Spain. These days, its reputation for producing flavoursome and mouth-watering dishes precedes it, and so the Josper Grill – which gets its name from its creators – can be found in restaurants the world over.


Cooked at temperatures of up to 500 degrees, perfectly seared, cooked to perfection.

Executive chef John Hickey explains more about why Morelands Grill opted for the Josper Grill when planning the kitchen set-up: “It gives excellent flavour on grilled meats from a charcoal oven. You are cooking at temperatures of up to 500 degrees, which is ideal for searing or cooking steaks quickly. You also use less butter or oils while cooking.’’

“The result is less fat on the meat as it is rendered away through grill bars, and there is more moisture in the meat, as it has been sealed in at such a high heat.’’

“I like using it because it’s faster than an open grill, so it prevents food from drying out or burning. As it is a closed-door system, it also means that there are fewer flames, and less heat in the kitchen which makes it more comfortable for team to work in.’’

Smoked Meat, Searing or barbecuing

“When it comes to devising menus, it allows for versatility in terms of food styles and recipes. For example, it can also be used to smoke overnight, so it does great smoked chicken, fish, or brisket. It definitely adds a unique flavour to the meat.”

So, the tools of the trade are top-notch, what about the ingredients? In terms of its beef offerings, our menu follows a time-honoured line of choice – fillet, rib eye and striploin steak. The beef is sourced from a small group of farmers in the South Leinster region. Their livestock is reared on lush, green grass – which Ireland thankfully has in abundance – and grains. No artificial growth promoters or additives are used.

Already a firm favourite on our menu is the 10oz Rib Eye Steak, which is a salt-aged Irish beef by Peter Hannan of Hannan Meats. Using a cold chamber lined with blocks of Himalayan Salt, the beef is dry-aged for 30 days. This process has already won his company numerous awards for producing wonderfully flavoursome meat.

Josper Grill - Best Steak In Dublin

When it comes to what sauce to serve on the side, you can opt for the traditional accompaniment to steak, Green Peppercorn and Brandy sauce, a richer Béarnaise option, a classic French Bordelaise, or a Prawn Butter sauce.

Not just steak, our seafood is exceptional

For those who have a combined craving for seafood and meat, you can also order some buttered prawns or seared scallops. Our seafood, like our beef, is sourced locally.

So, in a nutshell, what can we guarantee you in the ultimate steak experience at Morelands Grill? Prime grade Irish beef, aged to perfection, and cooked on the best grill in town to give you the best steak in Dublin!

Why not book a table and come taste it for yourself if you don’t believe us.


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