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At Morelands Grill we firmly believe that your food’s journey from producer to plate should be a short one. Our menus champion the best of locally sourced high-quality seasonal ingredients. We’d like to introduce you to some of the award-winning Irish food producers and suppliers that we are delighted to work with – you’ll have the pleasure of sampling their fare when you visit to dine with us.

Bretzel Bakery – the ‘real’ bread makers

Dublin’s famous Bretzel Bakery supplies us with our bread, including gluten-free options. The Bakery was founded in 1870 in Portobello, and continues to use artisan methods in the preparation of its breads, scones and pastries.

Bretzel is a member of the Real Bread Ireland group, a network of craft bakers who promote great baking and real bread. And what exactly is real bread, you ask? Well, it is bread made from flour, water and fermentation. No additives or preservatives are included. In other words, it’s the good stuff.

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McLoughlins, a family tradition meets Peter Hannan for some Himalayan inspiration…

Now in its 3rd generation, McLouglins have put the relationship between farmer and customer to the forefront since 1965 and we are delighted to work with them as they source Peter Hannan’s 30-day Himalayan salt aged Irish beef. McLoughlins provide the top restaurants in the country with premium meats. It is no mean feat that they count Michelin Stars among the restaurants they supply! Customer satisfaction remains paramount to this family craft butchers and this results in excellent meats, where the taste tells its own tale!

Peter Hannan, set up his multi-award-winning company in 1991 and has won numerous awards for their system of dry-aging meat in a specially designed cold chamber. The chamber comprises of a 12ft wall of 1,000 hand–cut Himalayan rock salt bricks. The salt is known for its exceptional flavour-enhancing qualities. The dry-aging process takes place over a period of 28–45 days, which concentrates the flavour of the meat, and seals in the natural juices.
All our meat dishes are prepared on our Josper Grill – read more about the process here to whet your appetite for how we cook our premium beef dishes.

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For the Fish Lover!

The restaurant’s fish supplier is Wrights of Marino, a family business with over 110 years of hands-on experience and knowledge in selling fish. Wrights source their fish from local fishing ports whose boats use sustainable and responsible fishing methods. They deliver fresh fish to our restaurant six days a week.
You will have a multitude of seafood menu options at Morelands Grill. For lunch, you can choose between the Josper Baked Crevettes, Morelands Crab Cakes, Lobster Roll or Morelands Traditional Fish and Chips (with Sole fillets).
If you are paying us a visit at dinner time, you can choose between the Risotto of Wild Irish Lobster, Josper Grilled Crevettes, or Lobster Bisque for your appetiser. For mains, you can opt for the Grilled Organic Clare Island Salmon, Morelands House Made Spatzli with native Irish lobster, prawns and fresh crab. You also have a side-dish option of buttered prawns or seared scallops with your Josper-grilled meat.

Locally Sourced Restaurant In Dublin

A signature ice cream for a signature dessert

Morelands Signature Sundae includes premium ice cream produced by the Taylor Family on the Glastry Farm in Co Down. They have been farming dairy cows since 1856. Their diversification into ice cream production is relatively recent, beginning in 2007, but they have already won several quality awards for it. The milk used in their ice cream comes from the Taylors’ own pedigree herd. Like the Bretzel Bakery, you won’t find any artificial additives, artificial stabilisers or artificial ingredients in the Glastry Farm range.

The ice cream we use in the Morelands Sundae is Glastry Farm’s Yellowman Honeycomb, a rich handmade ice cream, which won Double Gold in the 2012 Great Taste Awards. Yellowman Honeycomb ice-cream is also suitable for vegetarian diets.

Morelands Grill - Sumptuous Sundae with Real Dairy Ice Cream
Now that you have been given a flavour of some of our top-quality ingredients at our locally sourced restaurant, why not book in a visit to Morelands Grill to try them first-hand?

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