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Good Steak In Dublin and Wine Pairing Advice in Morelands Grill

“Wine is bottled poetry”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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If wine is your preferred tipple of choice when eating out, we are sure you will agree that it is a beverage built for food, which can add a texture and richness to it.

There are certain elements you need to get right to elevate your wine choice from being a good one to a great one. To give you a crash course in what you need to consider: when it comes to wine, you are focusing on its properties in terms of acidity and tannins. When it comes to your dish of choice, you are looking to match the wine’s properties with the salt and fat components of the food.

While there is no wine that goes with everything, we are firm believers that there is a wine for every dish. With that in mind, we have compiled a short guide to some food and wine pairings that you might like to consider when you dine with us at Morelands Grill.

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If you decide to order the Grilled Organic Clare Island Salmon, with champ, grilled asparagus, tomato and brown shrimp cream sauce, then we would recommend you pushing the boat out a bit and trying the Louis Latour, Domaine de Valmoissine, Pinot Noir. Now, that might sound like we are breaking the traditional rule of fish with white wine, but hear us out. Wines with low-tannins that are light and juicy, like this pinot noir, work nicely with a relatively meaty fish like fresh salmon. The richness of the salmon is complemented by the acidity of pinot noir, with the grilling process accentuating the oakiness of the wine.

If the Risotto of Wild Irish Lobster, with seared king scallops, sea rosemary and Parmesan catches your eye, then you must try the Cakebread, Chardonnay, California, a silky new world white wine which is delicious with shellfish. Both elements share buttery flavours, a rich, creamy texture and good intensity of flavour. The acid in the wine helps enhance the sweetness of the lobster and scallops, while also cleansing the palate.

To match the intensity of flavour of our 30-days Himalayan Salt-aged Rib-Eye Steak, we would suggest the equally intense Morgan Bay, Zinfandel, 2013, Napa Valley.

Zinfandel is one of the few wines that can handle a good, old-fashioned smoky, intense barbecue. The sweetly fruited flavours of a big Zinfandel, like Morgan Bay, are a natural complement to barbecued meats.

We would be remiss not to mention the 15 Champagne and Prosecco options on the menu. Sparkling wine is so versatile with food. A Brut Champagne like our Taittinger Brut Réserve NV has a touch of sweetness, which makes it extra-refreshing when served with salty foods, like our Morelands Crab Cakes.

And last but certainly not least on the suggestions list is our recommendation to try a Rosé — people tend to assume that it’s only for summer drinking, but it is truly versatile year-round. A Rosé, like our Casa Roja Rosado Rosé Garnacha, 2015, Spain makes an excellent accompaniment to richer dishes, like our Morelands House Made Spatzli. The Garnacha grape is generally a spicy, berry-flavoured variety that is soft on the palate. Light in colour, this Casa Roja Rosé makes for a fresh and fruity glass of vino, with its delicate nuances of redcurrant and raspberry.

Make sure to drop us a line, and share a photo via Instagram to let us know how you get on with our recommendations! You can tag us @MorelandsGrill.

Something New

White Fish

Organic Clare Island Salmon

Louis Latour

Domaine De Valmoissine

Pinot Noir

low-tannins, light & Juicy, accentuates the oakiness

Dinner menu

A Classic

Sea Food

Wild Irish Lobster & Scallops




Silky, buttery flavours,cleansing acids, enhanced sweatness

Dinner menu

Rich, Bold Flavours

Red Meat

Salt-aged Rib-Eye Steak

Morgan Bay

Napa Valley

Zinfandel 2013

sweetiness, frutiness, compliments the intense barbecue,

Dinner menu
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