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September 2017

Superfood Restaurant at Morelands: get refreshed with our healthy restaurant menu.

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The summer is slowly transitioning into Fall and as we watch the thermostat go up and the leaves sunset into a series of a colors before drifting down to earth, we begin to become nostalgic for the summer months that were all too fleeting.

The thought of steak often conjures up cosy images of warmth, comfort, and a glass of quality red wine to compliment the juicy steak in front of you. However, as people living in Ireland, we reside in a country that is often cold and, as a result, we have plenty of opportunities to relish in the kind of comfort that an escape from cold and rain brings (especially when that escape involves the union of warmth and gustatory pleasure).

So why not embrace the last few weeks of warmth and sunshine this year with something off our Superfoods menu. The plates from our Superfoods restaurant menus are crafted with fresh, local ingredients chosen to develop a composition of tastes which are just as satisfying as our more indulgent meals.

The Superfoods menu options are marked thusly with our Superfoods insignia. These meals are crafted to be nutritionally well-rounded and energising. Whether or not you have embraced a healthy lifestyle, you will appreciate the culinary expertise used in creating these meals and you will feel both refreshed and energised after your meal.

Moreover, oftentimes when groups go to a steakhouse like Morelands Grill, there will be a vegetarian in the group, or someone trying get in peak condition for an upcoming run or slim down for a holiday away or perhaps someone who is very sensitive to certain allergens. Our Superfood menu items are delicious for everyone to try, but they also make your night out a rewarding and inclusive experience for everyone. No one in your group will feel left behind or disappointed as our healthy restaurant menu items ensure that there is something exquisite on the Morelands menu for everyone.

Without compromising on quality, flavour, or freshness, these menu items are made to amaze. So why not stop in soon and embrace the fleeting warmth of summer with a light, refreshing meal from our Superfoods menu. Add a bespoke gin and tonic to your Organic Clare Island Salmon or Grilled Chicken Paillard and toast to the last rays of summer!

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